Cowboy Magic Detangle & Shine

Cowboy Magic Detangle & Shine

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Stop fighting with difficult tangled hair! Get Cowboy Magic!

This product works great on Goldendoodle and Schnoodle tangles and mats.

The silk protein in Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine results in a high

reflecting shine after brushing.

It is concentrated:

Pure conditioning, contains no water or alcohol, does not dry hair.

It works instantly:

Detangles as you rub it in and keeps on working, resulting in less grooming

time and less product used, saving time and money.

It is a deep conditioner:

Penetrates below the surface and restores moisture while strengthening hair,

resulting in a natural shine with a soft texture.

WorksPeopleIt is long lasting:

Repels dirt, dust, and sand, resulting in a shine that lasts longer. Not oily.

It only takes a small amount:

A small amount (about the size of a nickel) massaged into wet or dry hair will instantly

detangle and deep condition. Continue to add nickel sized amounts and brush through until a rich, silky, smooth, shine appears.

It works on people, too:

Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine is a high quality cosmetic.

Available in 4 oz and 16 oz sizes.

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