Pawtography - Exclusively for Smeraglia Puppies

Pawtography - Exclusively for Smeraglia Puppies


Here at Smeraglia's, we have the most beautiful dog and puppy models in the world. We have a passionate love for dogs. Second to our love for dogs, we also have a love for photography and videography.

Our combined love for the dogs and photography has produced our own special form of photography which we refer to as "Pawtography".

This is a special Keepsake Photography Session of your puppy only. You get to choose the 5 photos that you want. We will email them to you and you get a CD as well. You can request black & white, color, special requests with props & bows.

This is above and beyond the regularly scheduled pictures taken at 2,4 & 6wks and the videos that we take for each and every puppy.


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