"Teddy Bear Goldendoodle" Snuggle Puppy


Show your Doodle just how much it is loved with the Designer "Teddy Bear Goldendoodle" Snuggle Puppy.
This toy is perfect for any breed, but Doodles just love them!
This is the #1 Product for all new puppy owners that want a good nights sleep.
Your puppy will snuggle up to this little Goldendoodle Snuggle Puppy and will sleep the night away.
This New Designer SnugglePuppies, with the new and improved PULSATING heartbeat and special warmers, are sure to capture you and your pet’s heart.
Puppies have a tendency to stress when they leave their litter-mates but this precious little Goldendoodle Snuggle Puppy will make the transition much easier. They can cuddle up with this little Snuggle Puppy, and will FEEL the PULSATING Heart-Beat along with the Warmth of the microwavable packet that is enclosed inside the secret pocket of the Snuggle Puppy's Tummy.
Nothing can be chewed off SnugglePuppies for pet safety.
Heartbeat with batteries and two types of heat included.
Machine washable, gentle cycle and mild detergent.

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