Lola - A Very Special Puppy

Lola - A Very Special Puppy


Lola thinks she is the happiest puppy in the world....until her first day of Puppy Prep School. There, all the other puppies look just like their parents and they all have special talents. Feeling bullied and confused, Lola thinks she doesn't fit in. Lola is very sad, until the day she meets a sweet little girl who recognizes just how special Lola is in her own lovable way.

Sure to be a lifetime treasure, this wonderful childrens' fiction book 'Lola - A Very Special Puppy' is full of love. Written by Sherri Smeraglia and illustrated by Meredith Johnson 'Lola' is the perfect companion book to 'Fletcher - The Very First English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle'.

Published by Smeraglia Farm

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