Himalayan Dog Chew Stuffed Antler

Himalayan Dog Chew Stuffed Antler

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The Himalayan Chew & Chew Cheese Stuffed Antler Dog Treat combines two favorite long-lasting natural chews. A naturally shed North American antler is stuffed with an irresistible Himalayan hard cheese for a delicious, odorless snack. The cheese flavor encourages chewing while the hard texture of the antler helps to remove plaque and tartar naturally. Your dog will enjoy hours of intense chewing pleasure with a tasty treat that also delivers essential vitamins and proteins.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally shed North American antler

  • Provides essential proteins, vitamins and minerals

  • 100% natural long-lasting chew

  • No preservatives, binding agents, or glue

  • Free of chemicals and odor


Always supervise your pet during consumption. Remove any potentially hazardous materials immediately. Consult your veterinarian if your dog has food sensitivities or medical issues before feeding. 

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